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​Dramatic first place finish at Sebring!
Mar 19, 2017

Sebring 2017 03 05 960Px

March 17, 2017 — Sebring, Florida

Following a good third place showing at the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge inaugural race at Daytona in late January, the #17 Legistics/RS1/Rickie Fowler team headed to the grueling bumps of the historic Sebring Raceway in central Florida.

Faced with an unusual early morning qualifying slot, driver Nick Galante had his hands full trying to lay down an acceptable time before he and his tires had warmed up to optimum operating temperature. On the last lap, it all came together, and a wide-awake Galante muscled a fully responsive #17 into the 6th spot, their best qualifying position to date.

The green flag for the race flew on a perfectly cool Florida day. After a decent start, Nick had picked up a position by the completion of lap one. He dug in and held off all challengers lap after solid lap. When a car broke down on the track about an hour into the two-hour race, Nick capitalized on the opportunity to pit and switch drivers. He and the team executed a perfect pit stop, picking up another spot in the pit lane.

Spencer Pumpelly roared onto the track, put his foot down and started making his way toward the front of the pack. A good run coming off turn 17 and a great pass heading into turn 1 propelled the #17 Porsche Cayman into the third spot. The battle for dominance was close and fast. The #44 Nissan of Owen Trinkler (& Sarah Cattaneo) and the #56 Porsche of Eric Foss (& Jeff Mosing) were nose to tail in first and second place.

Locked in a fierce battle of wit and speed with only 3.5 minutes left in the race, the leaders headed into the slippery turn 15 side by side. With neither driver backing down, contact was inevitable. The #56 spun to the outside, the #44 slowed slightly to gather back onto the line – and the #17 pounced! With a split-second maneuver that drew gasps from the stands, Spencer took the lead and aggressively defended it against the considerable firepower of #44. With flawless driving over the final lap and a half of the race, Pumpelly clinched a big victory for the revved-up Legistics team.

Don’t miss our team’s next exciting race at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas on May 5th!

A big win for Competition, Camaraderie and Charity
Mar 13, 2017

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The fifth annual COPi Cup Golf Invitational was held on March 4-6 this year at the iconic Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill golf courses. Competition was fierce but friendly on the links, with 60 dedicated golfers vying for the coveted 2017 COPi Cup title. Off the course, participants banded together to raise a staggering $175,000 ($50,000 over the original goal) to fund higher education scholarships for the SCGA Junior Scholarship Program.

“I believe a great time was had by all, and as it has been in the past, the competition was intense. I am blown away by the generosity of our participants. To realize donations of more than $175,000 is rewarding to all who worked hard to organize and stage this event,” said Phil Frengs, President and CEO of Legistics, the founding COPi Cup sponsor. “But more importantly, it speaks to the willingness of these players to give back to the game, funding collegiate scholarships for the kids we reach through SCGA Junior.”

For more information about the SCGA Junior program, please visit or see our SCGA Junior Collaboration Highlight at

To find out more about how you can join the fun at next year’s COPi Cup to be held March 3-5, 2018, please contact Murray Joslin at or 949-212-1965.

A second Silver from Graphis!
Feb 24, 2017

Graphis Silver Award 2016

Wow! We did it again! We received another Silver Award from Graphis, the international design journal. This one was also for our rebranding as Legistics, but this time the award was part of Graphis’ Logo Design 9 annual — a different competition, but an equally competitive one.

We’re delighted that our new graphic identity continues to be recognized by the design industry, because it continues to make a positive impact on our company as well.

Thanks again to FreeAssociates for their stunning design concepts and execution.

​On track for an action-packed year
Feb 14, 2017

Porsche Daytona Jan2017 1

Fresh off their storybook 2016 season, the Legistics/RS1 racing team took to the track on January 27th at Daytona International Speedway for the first race of the 2017 IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge. The weather may have been cool but the competition was hot as drivers Nick Galante and Spencer Pumpelly kicked off what promises to be a hard-fought, action-packed, season-long defense of their championship title.

As the sun was going down on the legendary Florida speedway, scores of high-performance engines were revving up for the first qualifying round of the year. Behind the wheel of the #17 Porsche Cayman, Nick Galante got a good run out of the bus stop and a good draft out onto the oval. The stars all seemed to be aligned as Nick qualified the car at 7th.

The team was eager to build on Nick’s momentum, but there was a catch. Unlike a typical 2.5-hour race, the season opener would be a grueling 4 hours. On everyone’s mind: how would that extended time affect them, their cars and their carefully calibrated strategies? Undaunted by the challenge, Nick started the race on the inside of the 4th row and passed three cars before the 4th turn. By the end of his steely stint on the course, the #17 was in 2nd place.

Nick handed the car off to hot shoe Spencer Pumpelly who exited the pits in the 6th spot. Charging back in his usual aggressive way, Spencer was back in the 2nd spot by the 3-hour mark. After a fierce, multi-lap battle with the #56 of Jeff Mosing and Eric Foss, Spencer made a great pass and took the lead.

With only 45 minutes left in the race, an unexpected flurry of caution periods and yellow flags opened the door for other cars to stock up on tires and fuel. Spencer got pushed back to the 5th spot with 15 minutes remaining. After yet another caution period at the 5-minute mark, Pumpelly charged his way back towards the front of the pack. In a show of grit and skill, the veteran driver muscled the #17 across the line in 3rd place for a coveted spot on the podium!

A great start to another exciting season for the RS1/Legistics team!