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    We’ve got your back. Legistics is an experienced on-site provider of practice support for law firms large and small. We recognize, respect and relish the fact that the requests our clients make of us can run the gamut from the routine to what others less versed in our business might consider the ridiculous. But our response is always the same: We’ve got you covered.

    Super Storm? Super Response.

    In the chaotic aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, when much of lower Manhattan was flooded and inaccessible, a Legistics manager braved the elements to provide crucial operational support to attorneys working on deadline sensitive cases.

    With no power in the New York office, the firm’s trial team desperately needed all key documents and supplies relocated to an off-site location so they could continue working until critical capacity was restored. The Legistics manager took the initiative, drove to the firm’s temporarily abandoned downtown office, aggregated all necessary electronic media and hardcopy files, and delivered them personally to the remote working location. His response to the effusive praise for his above-and-beyond efforts? "That’s what we do."

    Legistics on Trial

    Just before Thanksgiving last year, Legistics personnel were informed that an out-of-town trial would begin the following Monday in a high-stakes case that had unexpectedly failed to settle.

    Legistics swung into action to organize the people, equipment and supplies necessary for remote trial/war room support. This included all document prep, trial binders, file transportation, 24/7 remote vendor support and resources to create an office-like working environment in a hotel conference room. By Friday, Legistics had made the arrangements for copiers and printers, supported the IT configurations and set up the remote site. When the trial team arrived later that day, they were able to hit the ground running. The result? A big win for all concerned.

  • Workflow

    From managing your document workflow to manning your reception desk. You tell us what you need, and we take care of it. It’s that simple. Whether setting up sophisticated e-discovery systems or stacking up office supplies, Legistics is there to spare you aggravation, save you time and support your success.

    Legistics offers a comprehensive array of professional practice support services designed with a single goal in mind: to make your life easier.


    At Legistics, we do the legwork so you don’t have to. We keep up with crucial developments in equipment, technology, systems and consumables to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your document and business processes. Our on-site staff is trained to meet the specialized needs of high-performance law firms like yours — from back office and mailroom services, to reception and hospitality.


    Some things are better handled off-site. Whether it’s printing, scanning, copying and binding large jobs or handling support functions for trials in other cities, Legistics has a proven track record of being there for clients whenever and wherever they need us.

    Electronic Data Discovery

    Legistics is at the forefront of EDD implementation in law firms large and small. From data acquisition and hosting to document processing, culling and production, our skilled personnel and specialized know-how add powerful capabilities to your competitive arsenal.

    Every item on the Legistics menu is à la carte. We encourage you to customize the combination of services that makes the most sense for your firm. As your needs change, you can add or subtract services on the spot. We really are that flexible.

    Don’t see a service you need? No problem. We specialize in special orders.

    • Copiers
    • Printers
    • Scanners
    • Fax machines and servers
    • Binding machines
    • Technology
    • Document routing software
    • Client billing software
    • Document services
    • Records management
    • Office supply management/distribution
    • Mailroom/courier/shipping
    • Paper
    • Toner
    • Reception
    • Copy/scan/print/fax services
    • Office services
    • Mailroom/shipping/deliverables
    • Hospitality
    • Billing support

    • Printing
    • Scanning
    • Copying
    • Binding
    • Supplies
    Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)
    • Document services
    • Records management
    • Office supply management/distribution
    • Mailroom/courier/shipping

  • Clock

    From performing like clockwork to working around the clock. What sets Legistics apart is our reputation for extreme service. No detail is too small, no deadline too short for us to handle it. At least, that’s the word on the street.

    What people are saying about Legistics

    “I see the big managed services firms as dinosaurs — representatives of the status quo.”

    “Our site manager is Johnny on the spot. He’s concerned, and makes sure they deliver. They are always looking to expand their service lines with us, and add value.”

    “They're a smaller company. I know they have a global footprint. But for me, they’re local and home-grown. That's how they approach me as a client. Most of the large companies can't do this. They're too big. The regional guy does a fly-by, cocktail party for LA clients every 6 months. It’s not the same.”

    “Their attitude is Whatever it takes. They will do whatever we need: Light IT. Support. Installing computers. They’re not always bound by the terms and conditions in their contract. They are team players. They make all our HR issues easier.”

    “For example in their contract, there's nothing about moving office furniture. But their answer was Sure, when do you need it done?

    “Before long, we were working only with Legistics…their quality is much higher than when we were doing it ourselves.”

    “They are experts at what they do — copying, bill-back, scanning — they help us stay competitive.”

    “Employees have a career path at Legistics — they can grow. That’s not true if a law firm hires them. And they’re very good about replacing people.”

    “They fit in. They have an uncanny ability to be chameleons. Our site manager tries to mold and shape his team to look and feel like others in our organization. And we treat them the same way.”

    “We have an award every year that we present to two people…one staff member and one attorney. People nominate other people in the office. It’s our biggest award every year. One of their employees has gotten multiple nominations. He's a joy. A character. Has a great personality. He’s always of service to people.”

    “We keep using them because we can’t get the quality that they do — we might break even, but we wouldn’t save any money. Legistics will fire people who suck — it’s hard to do that if we hire them.”

    “Law firms market this way, too. They all say, We want to partner with you. But Legistics really means it. They really do look out for your back and your best interest. That's the big magic.”

Legistics does whatever it takes to help your firm do what it does best. Want to talk?

Who We Are

Our people. Every member of the Legistics team is dedicated to your success. Our commitment to excellence and service is deep – and deeply personal.

Our passions. From our community involvement locally and internationally, to our sponsorship of golf tournaments and IMSA sports car racing, there’s more going on at Legistics than meets the eye.

Education and opportunity. Local community-building. Global outreach. A sunny day on the golf course. A thrilling day at the race track. These are some of the things that get our hearts beating faster here at Legistics.

Scga Youth

SCGA Junior Golf Foundation

The SCGA (Southern California Golf Association) Junior Golf Foundation makes golf accessible and affordable for area youth and provides generous scholarships to deserving students for college or vocational school. Through fundraising initiatives like the COPi Cup, as well as volunteer participation in events and on the board, Legistics is an ardent and active supporter of the program’s mission.

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El Piche

El Piche

El Piche is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and building community capacity in education, welfare, health, cultural events, infrastructure, crisis response and economic development in a struggling area of El Salvador. Legistics is currently involved in a campaign to build a much-needed community school for local Salvadoran children.

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Racing to End Alzheimer’s

Racing to End Alzheimer’s ( brings the high-stakes fight against dementia to the high-velocity world of IMSA sports car racing. With the support of race teams, sponsors, fans, friends and family of Alzheimer’s sufferers, this unique non-profit raises critical funds for today’s care and tomorrow’s cure. Founded by Legistics CEO (and longtime racing enthusiast) Phil Frengs, Racing to End Alzheimer’s has added new meaning to Legistics’ IMSA sponsorship – and new momentum in the race toward an Alzheimer’s-free future.

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Our history. The history of Legistics mirrors the extraordinary developments in the legal profession over the past two decades.

From the days when yellow legal pads and glossy faxes were the tools of the trade, to a time when complex information systems are evolving at a breakneck pace, Legistics has a long history of making “best practices” the name of the game.


Copies on Premise, inc. (COPi) is founded by Phil Frengs as a facilities management company providing onsite document services to law firms in Southern California.


COPiSolutions is formed to provide offsite services to a growing group of clients.1993


eCOPi is established to meet clients’ rapidly evolving digital requirements.


The COPi Companies expand beyond Southern California.


COPi grows from a regional company to a national company, with a strong presence on both coasts.


COPi commences overseas operations in Europe.2010


COPi expands into Asia.


COPi expands into Australia.


The company is rebranded as Legistics to better reflect its expanded services and global network.


We expand our charity involvement, start Racing to End Alzheimer's.



Working closely with you, Legistics customizes your practice support solution to meet your most demanding criteria.

We listen to you. Your law firm is unique. You have a singular history, ethos and culture. You have your own way of doing things. As your support team, it’s our job to understand and adapt to your business – not the other way around.

We collaborate with you. There are countless ways you can use our expertise to make your life easier. Legistics works with you every step of the way to configure the customized practice support solution that works best for you.

We evolve with you. As your firm grows and your requirements change, we have the agility to adapt quickly and seamlessly to your new circumstances. We keep ahead of technology innovations that will contribute to the success of your practice. Now and into the future, we’ve got you covered.

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