LEG206 Calendar 2021 1200x627 june

June: Education

Education unlocks the potential of the change makers. Future inventors and entrepreneurs, artists and scientists, dreamers an...
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LEG206 Calendar 2021 1200x627 may

May: Biodiversity


We are linked in countless ways to the web of life around us. Every connection is vital in ways both familiar and myste...
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LEG206 Calendar 2021 1200x627 april

April: Water

We share this elemental vulnerability with all living things: Every cell, creature and ecosystem on the planet needs water ...
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Copy of HP 7270 960px

A Tricky Homecoming

SRO GT4 America Sprint X
Sonoma Raceway
March 5-7, 2021

15 years ago, the legendary Sonoma Raceway birthed a partnership betw...
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LEG206 Calendar 2021 1200x627 march

March: Gender Equality

Women and girls are fully half the world’s population. Empowering them to be equal, active, respected participants in their...
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LEG206 Calendar 2021 1200x627 february

February: Technology

Access is everything. The more people with access to the power and potential of technology, the greater the reach of its be...
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