2022 Calendar is Published
Jan 9, 2022

LEG213 Calendar 2022 Linked In cover
Dear friends,

In January, we published our calendar for 2022. I want to share it with you. We'll be posting here month to month throughout the rest of the year.

Looking back at the year behind us and forward to the one ahead, it’s tempting to focus on the challenges and uncertainties that continue to steal the headlines. But it’s the quiet courage of countless people rising to meet those challenges that inspires us and fills us with optimism for the future.

So much of what matters happens behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the strength and resiliency of the people who’ve healed us, supported us, worked beside us, and showed us the way forward. You are the best in us.

During turbulent times, it’s a comfort to remember that some things remain constant. The grit and grace of those who step up when the pressure is on. The world-changing power of collaboration and community. And the simple, central importance of the relationships that sustain and inspire us.

Thank you for your friendship and support over the years. All of us here at Legistics wish you good health and great happiness in 2022!

Stay well,

Philip J. Frengs
Founder and CEO

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