How Legistics got into car racing (Part 1: Driving ambition)
Oct 5, 2015


Nick Galante's car racing career started with an accident – a snowboarding accident. Bedridden with a broken back after a catastrophic fall on the slopes, Galante promised himself that if he recovered sufficiently, he would pursue his dream of driving racecars. About a year later, in his mid-20s and with no experience racing, Galante moved cross-country from his hometown of Greenfield, Massachusetts, to Monterey, California.

Working as a caddy at Pebble Beach Golf Links, Galante stopped regularly at the nearby Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on his way home from work. Helmet in hand, he hitched rides with drivers willing to let him tag along on their private test days. Soon, Galante was participating in track days at Mazda Raceway and, after completing a three-day formula car racing school in 2006, he acquired his first racing license. Now all Nick Galante needed was a sponsor.