IMSA.TV highlights Racing to End Alzheimer's
Aug 23, 2017

R2Endalz Car Concept 1200X628

We're excited that the IMSA has picked up on our Racing to End Alzheimer's campaign and has posted an article about it on their website. We've also gotten support from PGA golf star Rickie Fowler via Instagram.

Traffic to our website is up and the excitement is building as racing fans look forward to September 23, when the corporate sponsor logos will be removed from our championship #17 Porsche Cayman and replaced with the names of their loved ones who have been victimized by dementia.

Help us fight this terrible disease that affects 5 million Americans and many millions of their family members, friends and caregivers. Show the world that you care on national television when the race is broadcast via Fox Sports on FS1. Go to and add the name of someone you care about to our car. Thanks!