Introducing Legistics challenge coins
Dec 2, 2015

Leg138  Challenge  Coins 960px

There’s a new coin of the realm, and its value is beyond measure. Legistics Challenge Coins recognize and honor those who act in extraordinary ways in the service of our mission, our clients, our company and our community. Two different challenge coin designs – one for individuals within our company and one for individuals on the client side – provide a powerful way to acknowledge and encourage the “above and beyond” dedication we value so highly

Challenge coins have a long, proud history in the military. When a member of the armed forces wants to show exceptional appreciation, sympathy or respect, he or she can use a challenge coin, often exchanged with a traditional handshake. It’s a meaningful, memorable gesture of thanks – and we’re excited to introduce it into our company culture.

If you want to acknowledge an exceptional act of service within the extended Legistics community, or share the story of why you awarded someone a Challenge Coin, please contact us at

To learn more about challenge coins, check out Roman Mars’ podcast 99 Percent Invisible.