Collaborating for Good: SCGA Junior
Jan 31, 2017

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A shot at a brighter future for Southern California youth – that’s the goal of the SCGA Junior program. From introducing rambunctious kindergartners to the joys of swinging a golf club, to providing aspiring young champions with affordable access to local links, to awarding striving students with generous scholarships for higher education, SCGA Junior is helping local youth get and keep their lives on course.

By making golf accessible to underserved communities, SCGA Junior is extending the reach of the sport beyond its traditional base. At a time when player numbers are trending downward nationally, this program gives young SoCal athletes the opportunity to experience for themselves the challenges and rewards that have made generations of players around the world such devoted practitioners of the game. For many SCGA juniors, it’s an introduction that will spark a lifelong love affair with the sport.

Wisdom from the green
Anyone who has ever attempted to master golf knows that practice and perseverance are essential. Every stroke, every hole, every course presents new obstacles to surmount and new opportunities to consider. Being prepared matters. Making good decisions matters. Discipline, resilience and confidence matter. In golf, as in life, these lessons are the keys to success.

With a curriculum designed by nationwide leaders in sports-based youth programs, SCGA Junior focuses on the development of skills and attitudes that will serve participants well into the future. The organization’s training philosophy emphasizes lifelong athletic fitness along with the achievement of golf-specific goals. Mentors and coaches reinforce the importance of personal responsibility and community involvement, with the heartening result that SCGA Junior members are growing up to become SCGA Junior volunteers and role models for the next round of recruits.

A club, a community
Membership in SCGA Junior opens up a world of possibilities. Both novice and experienced players get the benefit of certified instructors and equipment at discounted rates; dramatically reduced greens fees during non-peak hours at more than 150 facilities across the southland; a full roster of activities including clinics, tournaments, game days and educational events; an official USGA handicap index; and eligibility for exclusive scholarships to fund college or vocational training.

SCGA juniors have formed a community of their own based on shared interests, aspirations and friendships – and they enrich the communities they live in through their enthusiasm and outreach. At Helen Keller Park in South Los Angeles, SCGA Junior participates in the Parks after Dark program, which gives local kids an exciting, engaging new way to play in a safe and structured environment. Summer and winter leagues give young players the opportunity to travel locally and compete as part of a team. Game Days at courses like Bell Gardens, Pico Rivera and Maggie Hathaway provide players with a fun, free way to bond on the greens in their own communities. In these and many other activities, graduates of the program often volunteer to “pay forward” their own positive experiences as SCGA juniors.

Staying on course
SCGA Junior instills confidence and inspires achievement in a wide range of diverse, dynamic communities across Southern California. The Southern California Golf Association underwrites all administrative and development expenses, so every dollar raised through a dedicated coalition of golfers, fundraisers and community leaders is used for programs that directly benefit local kids.

Whether it’s the exhilaration on a little girl’s face when she thwacks a golf ball hard and true for the first time, or the proud set of a young man’s shoulders as he receives the first college diploma in his family, SCGA Junior is committed to giving young people in overlooked and underserved communities the best possible shot at fulfilling their potential and realizing their dreams.

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