This SCGA Scholar is playing the Long game beautifully
May 21, 2021

Jasmine lew horiz

"The SCGA Deb Long Scholar is a female of need who will honor Deb’s memory by pursuing higher education with the intent to give back to her community. She will have a passion not only for her golf game but for the growth of the game and aspire to lead others. She is a competitor, but also enjoys the game socially and adheres to the rules, etiquette and values that the game provides."

All that perfectly describes Jasmine Lew

Jasmine competes at golf while studying at UC Berkeley. In addition to the obvious physical and mental skills she's developed while playing the sport at the highest levels, she says that golf has created connections that she wouldn’t otherwise have.

One such connection is former SCGA Junior Foundation President Phil Frengs — CEO of Legistics. Jasmine recently interviewed Phil as part of her business class assignment.

“That assignment really showed me a new perspective on golf – it’s not just a game, it goes beyond the golf course,” she said. “It goes into my personal life, like being connected with Mr. Frengs. SCGA Junior taught me about life.”

Thanks to her conversations with Phil, Jasmine is considering entrepreneurship as a potential career.

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