Collaborating for Good: Kiva

Sometimes it’s the numbers that tell the most powerful story. That’s certainly true at this seminal moment in the history of the nonprofit Kiva organization....
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Collaborating for Good: Bpeace

An unlikely counter-insurgency force has infiltrated some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones. Bpeace (Business Council for Peace) is fighting ...
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Bell Labs

The brain trust

Early in the 20th century, a grand experiment was conceived, the results of which would profoundly impact the course of human civilization. In the...
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King Tut

Fit for a king

THOUSANDS OF YEARS AFTER HIS SHORT REIGN IN ANCIENT EGYPT, the boy king known as King Tut still inspires undying fascination across cultures and continents. ...
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Political Advance Teams

Setting the stage for success

IF POLITICS IS THEATER, political advance teams are the inveterate behind-the-scenes pros responsible for taking the show on the road. From directing the “op...
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Americas Cup Racing Crew

The right tack

TO WIN THE AMERICA'S CUP. That singular ambition has beguiled and bedeviled a select group of sailors and schemers, boat builders and billionaires, inventors...
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The Olympics

An Olympic-sized challenge

THE OLYMPIC GAMES ARE IN A CATEGORY ALL THEIR OWN. Every four years, thousands of the world’s finest athletes converge in one place to compete in dozens...
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Forest Service Camp

When lightning strikes

WILDFIRE. IT CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT. An early-morning lightning strike on a remote ridge deep in an old growth forest. A stray spark in t...
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Race Car Pit Crews

The winning combination

WHEN A RACECAR ROARS ACROSS THE FINISH LINE in a blaze of color, speed and ear-splitting sound, the spotlight is on the car and driver. But the achievement d...
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First Ascent of Everest

The pinnacle of achievement

ON MAY 29TH, 1953, Edmund Hillary, a beekeeper from New Zealand, and Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa from Nepal, climbed onto the frozen, windswept summit of the hi...
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Aircraft Carrier

The sky’s the limit

EVERY TIME A NAVY JET CATAPULTS from the astonishingly abbreviated runway of an aircraft carrier — or snags an arresting wire at full throttle to land on a p...
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Fine Dining

The key ingredient

FINE RESTAURANTS ARE STRANGELY PARADOXICAL PLACES. The “front of the house” is all about the elegant, flawless choreography of a perf...
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Behind The Scenes

Behind-the-scenes mayhem/magic

EVERY MEMBER OF AN ACTION MOVIE CREW shares the same ultimate goal: the collective gasp of astonishment and awe from the audience in a packed movie theater. ...
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